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Yum Food takes a bespoke approach to all things culinary - from weddings and gatherings to cook schools

Our aim is to create an atmosphere of good food and memories.

Operated by the restaurateur Prue Campbell, our food is tailored in a bespoke fashion, utilising fresh and local ingredients. Prue views food as art, and always designs a unique and personalised experience. 

Once we get a feel for your tastes, we create a bespoke menu that always impresses

While we are experts in food, we offer a holistic service that includes the overall styling of the event. Prue has an exceptional eye for detail and pulls out all the stops in ensuring the event fits your desired aesthetic.

We are all about people. Our work revolves around you.

 We closely consult with the client throughout the whole process, determining your needs and desires. Prue is committed to matching service with expectations and believes in the creation of high-quality experiences.


Yum Food Co. is more than catering. We offer comprehensive services and are experienced in organising weddings, bespoke private gatherings and interactive cooking schools. Prue sees food as art and borrows from her wealth of experience to create food suited for any occasion. Prue is the face of the company and will work closely by your side in determining your needs and creating unforgettable memories. 


Prue understands every aspect of the client experience and goes above and beyond to bring the event to life. Her hands-on approach means that you can enjoy your day knowing that a high-quality experience is guaranteed for you and your guests. 


Prue values the connection between herself, her food and her clients. A fixture of the Taupo food scene, she treasures the relationships she has forged within the local community. Our reputation has been built over years of success and hard work, working with local vendors to collaborate with resources across the community.  We understand the importance of trust and wish to emphasise our phenomenal track record, having immense faith in our services.

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Prue Campbell: 027 540 7290
Address: 1 Kaka Street, Taupo

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