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Your invitation to the Yum Food Co. experience

Looking to further hone in on your cooking skills?

Our cook schools feature trained chef and award-winning restaurateur Prue Campbell, who loves the personal side of food. While our cook schools are demonstration only, Prue shares all of her acquired wisdom, stretching your creative imagination and provides a fun experience for all participants. 

Sessions run for 90 minutes and are concluded by feasting on the food! 

Got eyes on your next outing? Check out the information below for our available cook schools, or follow us on insta and facebook for updates as they become available.

June - Matariki Degustation

28-29 JUNE

Join us for a delicious Matariki Degustation event celebrating the Māori New Year with a feast of traditional dishes and flavors!

$230pp - Only available dietary options available is coeliac/gluten free - all others cannot be catered to due to the format of the set menu


June-July - Cook School - Winter Table

Experience a beautiful showcase of winter-inspired dishes and desserts, each bursting with flavour that will leave you craving more.

Join us in the joy of food as we share laughter and stories, fostering connections over our mutual love for culinary delights.

Depart with newfound inspiration and timeless recipes to craft your own culinary masterpieces.

Don't miss this unforgettable experience at Prue's Private Residence.

Spaces are limited, book now. $230pp

Dates available:
June: 13-15TH
July: 11-13TH    | 24-27th
18-19th July is no longer available

Would designing a custom cook school for your function interest you? Let’s talk!

Please note the event dates, themes and prices could be subject to change based on seasonal or physical availability.

Thanks for the cook school on Saturday! It was fantastic!

Please let Prue know I have my own blowtorch now and am blistering everything I see in the kitchen. I have also gotten some poultry scissors and successfully Spatchcocked two Bostock chickens this morning. I’m a home taught cook, as in I have no formal cooking lessons, and I really appreciated not only did Prue and Jason teach us some techniques, but also they interpreted the cooking lingo - which allowed me to understand much more of what they were showing us.
Thanks again, Susan Smith

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Prue Campbell: 027 540 7290
Address: 1 Kaka Street, Taupō

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